Pursuing the ideal craft beer and opening a brewery in Onomichi

Admiring Kazumi Yamada, a beer craftsman who supported Japanese beer culture, he became an apprentice, and has been sticking to craft lagers for 15 years.

Triggered by winning the highest award in three categories at the world competition in 2020,
Kazato Matsuoka, a beer craftsman, decides to return to his hometown of Hiroshima.

Pursuing lager style. In pursuit of the ideal craft beer, he launched “Shimanami Brewery” in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

The best beer experience for Japanese people
Owner brewer Matsuoka specializes in lager style, which is rare for a microbrewery. We brew the world's most beloved pilsner with reliable technology.


Focusing on lagers, we are working on fun craft beers that can be enjoyed in the warm climate of "Shimanami".

List of pre-order products
No off-taste. so good

Shimanami Brewery's flagship product is a lager-style pilsner. Pilsner is the saccharification, filtering, boiling and cooling of wort. Then fermentation and aging. All processes require delicate work and temperature control, and if one mistake is made, off-flavours (unpleasant odors) will occur. Shimanami Brewery thoroughly manages the finished product. You can enjoy the taste of pure pilsner without any miscellaneous taste.

About crowdfunding

Thanks to all of you, the crowdfunding, which also serves as a pre-order sale, was a success! thank you very much!

Daily news about Shimanami Brewery's new products and brewing!


Shimanami Brewery's original craft beer and original goods such as glasses are available for pre-order.

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Shimanami Brewery

1-6-15-2 Kubo, Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture