History of brewing spun by Shimanami Brewery in Onomichi - A must-see craft beer for beer lovers



Shimanami Brewery, based in Onomichi City, is gaining support from many beer lovers for the deliciousness and quality of its craft beer. However, beer itself has a long history, and we need to look back on the history of beer in order to appreciate its appeal.
This time, I would like to explore the history of beer together with Shimanami Brewery in Onomichi!

[Origin of beer]
The history of beer is very old and is said to have started in ancient Mesopotamia around 4000 BC. People in those days enjoyed fermenting grains and making beer. Beer was also drunk in ancient Egypt and ancient Rome, and it was a drink loved in various cultures.

[Evolution of brewing]

Beer brewing methods have evolved over time, and in the Middle Ages, monks brewed beer all over Europe. They improved beer production, including the production of malt and the use of hops. The quality of water is also important for brewing beer, and it was required to use clear water. This evolution of brewing technology has led to the diversity and quality improvement of beer.

[Birth of craft beer]
Modern craft beer refers to beer produced in local breweries or small breweries rather than mass production. Craft beer started to gain attention in the United States in the 1980s and has since spread around the world. Craft beer is supported by many beer lovers as a beer that reflects the unique taste and local climate.

[History of brewing at Shimanami Brewery]

Shimanami Brewery is a craft beer company based in Onomichi City, but its history is still short. However, they are brewing their own beer while taking advantage of the rich local natural environment and traditions. Their beer is made with painstaking production methods and carefully selected ingredients, and is characterized by a taste that makes you feel the scenery and culture of Onomichi.

[Enjoy Onomichi's beautiful scenery and craft beer! ]
Beer is a drink that has been loved since ancient times, and its history has been built by many brewers and beer lovers. The rise of craft beer has put more emphasis on the diversity and individuality of beer. Onomichi's Shimanami Brewery is also playing a role, offering attractive craft beers that combine tradition and innovation.

Beer lovers should try Shimanami Brewery. Enjoy a new beer journey with the beautiful scenery of Onomichi.

This concludes my introduction to Onomichi's Shimanami Brewery and the history of beer. See you next time with more interesting themes. looking forward to!

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