The History and Types of German Beer: Exploring the Charms of German Style


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This time, we will introduce the history and types of German beer, focusing on the German-style beer that we are good at. Let's get to know the charm of German beer!

[History of German beer]
Germany is said to be the birthplace of beer culture. In fact, beer brewing has been practiced since ancient Egypt, but beer brewing flourished in Germany during the Middle Ages.
Beer was an important drink in German society at the time, and laws and regulations were enacted to brew beer. The most famous of these is the Beer Purity Law (Reinhetsabot), which was enacted in 1516. This law stipulated that only water, malt, and hops be used as raw materials for beer, and became the basis of modern beer brewing technology.

[Types of German beer]
German beer is known for its wide variety of styles and flavors. Below are some representative types.

  1. Weizen
    Weizen is a beer brewed partly or entirely with wheat malt. It features fruity and spice-like aromas and a refreshing acidity. There are many different variations of weizen, such as hefeweizen (a yeast specific to weizen beer) and crystalweizen (a clear-hued weizen).

  2. Pilsner
    Pilsner is a lager beer with a bright, clear color. The spicy hops and rich malt flavor create an exquisite balance, and you can enjoy a sharp taste. The style originated in Prague in the 19th century and then spread throughout Germany.

  3. Bock
    Bock is a strong beer with a high alcohol content. It features a dark color and rich malt flavor, and has a firm body. Generally, it is often enjoyed in autumn and winter, but it is also a beer style that is loved all year round.

These are just some of the typical types of German beer. There are other styles such as Dortmunder, Kölsch, and Rauch, depending on the region and tradition.

[High-quality manufacturing method is a feature of German beer]
In Germany, beer brewing is focused on high-quality production methods. Traditional methods and expert brewing techniques are used to ensure the quality and consistency of the beer. In addition, there are detailed regulations such as clarity and carbon dioxide content, and high quality beer is made.

German beer has a long history and a wide variety of beer styles that have been born from an established beer culture. At Shimanami Brewery, we are committed to crafting German-style beers and aiming to spread the word. Please enjoy the charm of German beer with beer from Shimanami Brewery!

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