12 fast lagers

12 fast lagers

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A set of 12 bottles of FIRST LAGER, a lager exclusively for the first cup. After all, the first glass of beer is delicious! Therefore, ``First Lager'' was created based on the concept of ``the best lager for the first drink.'' Based on the first-cup draft beer "First Down," which was developed by beer craftsman Matsuoka during his time at Yatsugatake Brewery and won a gold medal at the World Beer Awards, it has been adapted to suit the climate of the Setouchi Inland Sea. The best part about this product is its hoppy feel and smooth feel! We use 100% Saaz hops, a high-quality variety with a high aroma . In order to create a light drink, we use rice from Matsuoka's hometown of Fuchu, Hiroshima Prefecture. It would be a waste to end your first cup with "just for now"!

The best first cup for two weeks. This is a product that will reward you for your work.

Style: Pilsner Alcohol: 5.5%
Contents: 370ml
Ingredients: Malted barley (Canada, Germany), rice (produced in Shimomachi, Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture), hops, Irish moss Shelf life: 3 months

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